Withybush Hospital

Protecting the services and status of Withybush Hospital is Paul’s top priority.  Maintaining access to hospital services based locally is vital to the safety and convenience of Pembrokeshire people.

Along with Stephen Crabb MP, Paul has given his unqualified support to the Save Withybush Action Team (SWAT), and has repeatedly called for assurances from the Welsh Government that services will not be downgraded, and nor will they be centralised.


Ysbyty Llwynhelyg

Amddiffyn gwasanaethau a statws Ysbyty Llwynhelyg yw blaenoriaeth uchaf Paul. Mae cynnal mynediad i wasanaethau ysbyty lleol yn hanfodol er diogelwch a chyfleustra pobl Sir Benfro.

Ynghyd â Stephen Crabb AS, mae Paul wedi rhoi cefnogaeth heb ei ail i Dîm Gweithredu Achub Llwynhelyg (SWAT), ac wedi galw dro ar ôl tro am sicrwydd gan Lywodraeth Cymru na fydd gwasanaethau’n cael eu hisraddio na’n cael eu canoli.

Welsh NHS Survey

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Have you, or someone you know in your local area, had difficulty accessing dental services in Pembrokeshire?
Do you believe access to your local GP is getting better or worse where you live?
Do you support downgrading Withybush Hospital, with Accident & Emergency being moved to a new hospital site?


Local Clinicians Criticise Health Board Proposals

A letter from local clinicians criticising Hywel Dda University Health Board’s proposals to transform clinical services has been welcomed by local Assembly Member Paul Davies.