Autism Funding Doesn’t Go Far Enough Says Preseli Pembrokeshire AM

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has welcomed an additional £3m a year to support autism services in Wales from the Welsh Government, but has warned that that funding doesn’t go far enough to meet the needs of people living with autism in Wales.

Mr Davies said: “Any additional funding for the Integrated Autism Service is welcomed, but we already know that there is a shortage of suitably trained specialists and that autism services are hard pressed in Wales and so this money simply doesn’t go far enough.”

He added, “The Welsh Government has also refused to commit to supporting services post 2021, which will leave service users in limbo. That’s why I was committed to bringing forward specific autism legislation in Wales, which would have given some permanence to the delivery of autism services for the future. That legislation would have helped thousands of people living with autism receive the support they need in a clear and timely fashion and so it was deeply frustrating that the Welsh Government would not support it. Nevertheless, I remain committed to championing this cause and will continue to do all that I can to see autism legislation brought forward in Wales.”