Welsh Government confused over five-mile rule

“If even the First Minister is confused over the five-mile rule, no wonder the rest of us are” said Paul Davies MS, the Leader of the Opposition, after today’s virtual Plenary session.

During an exchange in First Minister’s Questions, Mr Davies pressed a question about the unpopular and cruel five-mile rule, which the Labour leader first rebuffed saying “There is no [five-mile] rule… Five miles is advice”.

However, in a subsequent sentence, the First Minister stated “… we have retained the five-mile rule”.

Mr Davies said:

“We Welsh Conservatives have long been calling for the five-mile rule to be scrapped. It is unfair, it discriminates against those outside the major towns and cities, and it is clearly very confusing.

“Is it a rule? Is it advice? Is it a rule of thumb? It’s been described as all of these.

“Come on, First Minister: end the confusion now by scrapping the five-mile rule.”