“The Welsh FE Sector is vital to Wales’ Global Success “ Says Local AM.

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has championed the Welsh FE sector in a Welsh Conservative debate at the Assembly. Mr Davies said the Further Education sector was vital in developing the skills of the Welsh workforce to meet the demands of the Welsh economy for the future. Mr Davies also took the opportunity to highlight the variety of skills and courses offered by Pembrokeshire College and called for the Welsh Government to do more to ensure that there is access to learning opportunities in the future.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to take part in the debate on Further Education and highlight the importance of the sector to learners and the Welsh economy. Not everyone can study between the hours of 9 and 5, not everyone is suited to a structured academic degree and so the flexible learning opportunities offered by FE providers are vital to parents, older people and those in full-time work.  Further Education providers like Pembrokeshire College are responsive to the skills needs of their local area and work closely with local employers and I think that’s the type of collaboration that we must build on, to help ensure that learners are leaving education with the skills they need for the workplace. I hope that the Welsh Government will listen to my calls to make FE opportunities as accessible as possible to learners as those opportunities are very much at the heart of upskilling the nation, tackling poverty and improving the quality of life of its learners.”