Welsh Conservative calls to re-open the economy have been listened to, but more must be done

Commenting on the report that non-essential shops in Wales will re-open from Monday, Paul Davies – the Leader of the Opposition in the Welsh Parliament – said:

“The Welsh Labour Government has finally woken up and listened to our calls to begin to re-open the Welsh economy in a safe and sensible way to protect lives and livelihoods.

“But while we welcome this announcement, it frankly beggars belief as to why travel restrictions are not being lifted too.

“Many retailers need custom from a wide area to survive and will go to the wall if they are forced to rely on local trade alone.

“It’s also unfair to prevent retailers from opening immediately, causing them to lose out on another weekend of trade, especially when they were advised three weeks ago to prepare for opening three weeks ago today.

“The longer the lockdown, the greater the damage to the Welsh economy and the more difficult it will be to recover.

“So, we renew our calls to:

•  Scrap travel restrictions

•  Extend opportunities for personal contact to support relationships

•  Reopen the property market

•  Publish a timetable for reopening tourism businesses in time for the summer season

•  Lift restrictions on outdoor attractions such as zoos

•  Permit all non-contact outdoor sports and closed door professional and elite sports

•  Introduce a flexible approach to the reopening of places of worship

•  Improve access to dentists and opticians

“These are vital steps for the survival of the Welsh economy, and the emotional and physical health of everyone who lives in Wales.”