Tourism Businesses Cannot Be Left to Suffer, says Local MS

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament, Paul Davies has reiterated his calls for the Welsh Government to look at ways of supporting the Welsh tourism sector and encourage a gradual resumption of trade, following comments from the First Minister that suggest that Wales’ tourism industry will be largely closed over the summer months.

Mr Davies said, “The First Minister’s announcement has done nothing to support Wales’ struggling tourism industry and with so many businesses still unable to access vital Government support and aid, the continued refusal to look at ways of gradually reopening the tourism industry is simply catastrophic for the sector. Many small operators are on the verge of collapse and in the absence of support and hope from the Government about the future, their businesses will simply not be able to survive. In other parts of the UK measures are being considered to support the gradual reopening of tourist facilities and it’s vital that Wales isn’t left behind. I will be doing all that I can to raise the concerns of the local sector with the Welsh Government and encourage them to change their tone and approach to resuming tourist activity in Wales, so that our sector can start to reopen in a safe and sustainable way.”