Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Reiterates Importance of Urgent Dairy Farming Support

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has reiterated calls for support to be made available to Wales’ dairy farming sector as a matter of urgency. Mr Davies, who is from a dairy farming background himself, has warned that if support isn’t forthcoming urgently, the impact could be disastrous for the sector in Wales.

Mr Davies said, “Welsh farming is integral to Wales’ economy, culture and identity and so it’s crucial that support is made available to those businesses as a matter of urgency. We know that some farms have faced significant price cuts, deferred payments and so have even had to dispose their milk as there is simply no market. The pandemic is also threatening to weaken Wales’ processors, in particular those supplying the foodservice sector and that risks the loss of more processing capacity in the longer term and could result in more milk or dairy products needing to be imported. Therefore, Governments at all levels must work together to address the very real concerns faced by the dairy sector and provide some much needed targeted support as a matter of urgency.”