Paul Davies Responds to Digital Pembrokeshire Broadband Surve

Responding to a county-wide survey on broadband provision in Pembrokeshire, local Assembly Member Paul Davies has said that he’s ‘not surprised’ by the survey’s findings. A survey conducted by Digital Pembrokeshire at the recent County Show found that 75% of people surveyed were unhappy with their broadband speed across Pembrokeshire.

Mr Davies said, “Broadband provision has long been a problem for people living in Pembrokeshire and so the results of the survey are not a surprise. I continue to be contacted by constituents on an almost daily basis about substandard provision and the impact that this is having on their lives. Access to a decent broadband service is now an essential component of modern day living – high street banks are now being replaced with online services and many people rely on the internet for business purposes or simply for learning. The survey showed that 76% of respondents used the internet for studying and 63% use the internet to work from home and those figures will only rise in years to come. Therefore, it’s crucial that Governments at all levels work together to address Pembrokeshire’s broadband not spots so that communities across the County are not left behind.”