Paul Davies MS challenges the First Minister to outline his plan for Wales

Paul Davies MS, Leader of the Opposition in the Welsh Parliament, has challenged the First Minister to outline his plan for the future of Wales to deal with Covid-19.

Last night Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, gave the people of the UK hope by giving details of the UK Government’s plan to defeat Covid-19 but to also say how together we can get the economy firing again.

Paul Davies MS said: “The big difference between England and Wales after last night is that the Prime Minister has set out his clear plan for recovery, which is based on science and is conditional on the R number reducing further. Sadly, so far, the First Minister hasn’t laid out his plan for Wales and yet this is something that Sir Kier Starmer has been demanding in Westminster.

“We also need clarity from the First Minister on the reopening of schools in Wales. Whilst in England it will be based on the progress of reducing the R number, in Wales the Welsh Government has ruled out the re-opening of schools in June altogether. All Governments need to be flexible and listen to the science.

“Fundamentally, the key message hasn’t changed. We all need to stay at home as much as possible and work from home if you can. But after seven weeks of restrictions the people of Wales need hope and aspiration about how and when the lockdown could end, and we need the Welsh Government to deliver this now.”