Paul Davies Endorses New FSB Wales Report and Calls for Greater Cross-Party Working

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has endorsed a report that has called for greater cross-party working to tackle Wales’ poor infrastructure. New research from FSB Wales has found that 63% of Welsh businesses have been affected by infrastructure issues including roads, public transport, digital infrastructure and utilities. The report also highlighted geographical variations and called on the Welsh Government to commit to ensuring that every business in Wales can benefit from infrastructure spending.

Mr Davies said, “I welcome the conclusions made in the FSB’s Are we there yet? report. Business across Pembrokeshire have long been calling for more support to tackle infrastructure issues which have been a real barrier to business growth in the area– and so it’s great to see those views reflected in this report. Pembrokeshire businesses also face problems with access to reliable broadband services and poor mobile phone signal across the County, which mean that they have great difficulty in competing with businesses in other parts of the country. Therefore, I wholeheartedly support the call for better cross-party working to tackle Wales’ infrastructure issues and I hope Governments at all levels will now come together to address these barriers to Welsh businesses.”