Paul Davies Called For More Action on Mental Health

A call for more support in the field of mental health has been raised with the First Minister by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies highlighted the good work done by the local charity, the DPJ Foundation and asked the Welsh Government to support the delivery of more localised mental health networks, in order to make support more accessible to those living and working in rural areas. During the plenary exchange, Mr Davies also called for better mental health support for children and older people. 

Mr Davies said, “Poor mental health can affect anyone – at any age and from any background and so it’s crucial that the Welsh Government coordinates its policy across all its departments, to ensure that their departments are working together. We know for example, that agriculture has one of the highest rates of suicide of any industry and so it’s incumbent on the Government to build on the good work being done by organisations like the DPJ Foundation and others to ensure that farmers right across Wales have access to the treatment and support that they need.”

“Similarly, it’s crucial that early intervention measures are introduced to help reduce the number of children needing mental health support in Wales and more work needs to be done to support older people accessing services. People across Wales – at any age or background – must feel confident that services and support are there, should they need to access them.”