Paul Davies AM: Welsh Government reports into Carl Sargeant and are seriously lacking in detail

Welsh Conservative Leader, Paul Davies AM, has questioned the First Minister over why much detail is missing from two serious Welsh Government reports released in recent weeks.

Following his tributes to former Welsh Conservative leader Rod Richards, Mr Davies used today’s First Minister’s Questions to quiz Mark Drakeford over both the leak inquiry into the sacking of Carl Sargeant, and the report into money granted to

He said: “Both of these reports are of an incredibly serious nature and yet many people are questioning the level of scrutiny that they can receive as each one is lacking in detail”.

Of last week’s leak inquiry into the situation surrounding the sacking of former Welsh Government Minister Carl Sargeant, Mr Davies asked the First Minister why he saw a statement of just 350 words fit to explain the events leading to Mr Sargeant’s death.

He asked the First Minister to be more transparent about the finer details missed by his statement, including who gave the go-ahead to the so-called ‘authorised disclosures’ shortly before Mr Sargeant was sacked from government.

Mark Drakeford also faced questions about what lessons had been learned through the publishing of a report into a £1million grant given to, as Mr Davies followed up on his line of enquiry from earlier in the year.

Mr Davies highlighted how the report lacks detail, specifics on the allegations and information on the various investigations that have been undertaken internally.

Commenting outside the chamber, he said:

“As soon as the leak report was published, I called for the Welsh Government to give us more information and opportunity for scrutiny into the events leading to Carl’s death.

“I repeatedly find myself asking this Welsh Labour Government whether they consider themselves open and transparent, because matters such as this and the report so often leave us with more questions than we started with.

“On Saturday I said there was a rot in this government for secrecy and failure to wilfully disclose crucial information. I’ll continue to hold the First Minister and his Cabinet to account on these vitally important issues.”