Our Wales, Our Future: Tory leader calls on conference crowd to come together and give Wales hope again

Our Wales, Our Future: Tory leader calls on conference crowd to come together and give Wales hope again

Leader of the Welsh Conservative Group, Paul Davies AM, will address the party’s spring conference today, calling for the country’s Conservatives to join him in standing up to twenty years of Welsh Labour.

Mr Davies will speak to the busy hall about the future owed to the people of Wales, which can be delivered by an accountable, decisive, and forward-thinking Conservative leadership.

The Preseli Pembrokeshire AM will defend Welsh devolution and question why Welsh Labour is letting Wales down with chocking transport networks, five out of seven health boards in special measures or targeted interventions, and school underspend failing our children as they lag behind the rest of the UK.


Commenting ahead of his address, Mr Davies said:

“The main thing I hope listeners take away from this weekend is not to lose faith in devolution, despite public services crumbling across Wales. Devolution has not failed Wales, it is Welsh Labour that has failed devolution.

“It is instead the Welsh Conservatives who can and will stand up for the people of Wales through promoting accountability, empowering local people, boosting business, backing communities and nurturing the next generation of politicians.

“Instead of playing a continuous blame game or following in the footsteps of Jeremy Corbyn, Welsh Labour should worry more about fixing the health, education, housing and transport systems which see Wales repeatedly fall to the bottom of the UK comparison tables.

“The Welsh Government has proven itself time after time to be slow to act and be dismally unreliable, but the people of Wales deserve better.

“And now we struggle under the leadership of the First Minister who leaves trailing behind him an abysmal record as Health Minister, and seeks to dither, duck and dodge all accountability through repeated excuses and long-winded speeches which unbelievably aim to disengage listeners though their monotony.”


Mr Davies will address the conference just before 3pm today.

He will also use this time to officially launch the Welsh Conservative shadow youth cabinet, made up of future politicians from across Wales. These young people will work closely with the shadow cabinet in helping to shape policy ready for the elections in 2021.

Also speaking today will be Prime Minister Theresa May, as well as Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns; Party Chairman Brandon Lewis MP; and Welsh Chairman Byron Davies.