Nature Friendly Farming Network Discussed with Local AM

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies was recently invited to a farm in Camrose by the RSPB to discuss their Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) as well as a range of other issues facing farmers locally. The Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) is a farming movement that promotes sustainable nature friendly farming and is open to farmers and the public alike.

He said, “The Nature Friendly Farming Network is an interesting farming movement and I was pleased to meet with a local farmer to discuss his views on how Governments at all levels can support the agricultural industry post-Brexit. Farmers have always been important custodians of our local environment and local wildlife and it’s absolutely crucial that their views are considered when shaping future policies. I’d like to thank Mr and Mrs Mathias for their time and their hospitality and I look forward to feeding back their views to my Assembly colleagues in the autumn.”

Arfon Williams, RSPB Cymru Countryside Manager said ‘We are pleased to meet with Paul Davies at Furzy Mount farm to show how it is possible to farm with nature in mind. Our farmland wildlife has been declining dramatically over the last few decades and needs help more than ever. Roger Mathias demonstrates on his farm how it is possible to farm and benefit nature. We need a future land management policy that supports more land managers to work with nature in mind.’