Lockdown: 100-day milestone reached

Paul Davies MS – the Leader of the Opposition – thanked key workers and communities across Wales on the 100th day of lockdown, while calling the milestone a “time for reflection”.

Mr Davies said:

“While there is now light at the end of this dark tunnel, for some, for the families of the 2,257 people known to have died in Wales while infected with the virus, there is likely to be no light, no comfort, for some time to come.

“We Welsh Conservatives have called for the introduction of ‘social bubbles’ in Wales, mirroring those in England.

“This has finally been announced, but it will have come too late for some families and households in desperate need of support, be it practical or emotional. We have also repeatedly called for the scrapping of the cruel five-mile rule, which will also help those who are struggling.

“The public health crisis caused by Covid-19 will pass, but the economic crisis it has wrought will likely last far longer, but parallel to this time for reflection is also a time for action.

“Wales must be re-opened, and its economy put back on track to save now not just lives, but also livelihoods.”