Local MS Calls for Commitment to Withybush Hospital’s A and E

Local Member of the Senedd Paul Davies has directly questioned the Health Minister over A and E services at Withybush hospital, following the news that A and E services will be retained in other parts of Wales. Mr Davies said the people of Pembrokeshire deserved the same safeguards that are offered to other communities in Wales and asked for the Welsh Government’s official position and for a commitment to retaining A and E services at Withybush hospital.

Mr Davies said, “We’ve seen communities in other parts of Wales campaign to retain their local A and E services and been successful and I’m asking the Welsh Government to step in and offer the same courtesy to the people of Pembrokeshire. The campaign to protect services at Withybush hospital has shown the strength of feeling that local people have about this cause and it’s desperately frustrating that the Welsh Government and Hywel Dda University Health Board will not respect the will of the local community and work to retain Withybush’s A and E services. I will keep raising this matter – at every available opportunity – until the Welsh Government and the Health Board see sense and reverse these disastrous plans.”