Local AM Calls for Support for Pembrokeshire Communities with Poor Broadband

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has called on the Welsh Government to do more to support frustrated communities who are still living with substandard broadband provision. Mr Davies said that people living in communities like Mynachlog-ddu in North Pembrokeshire are faced with slow and intermittent broadband, coupled with stranded technology where wires are – effectively – hanging on poles. Following the announcement of a Rural Broadband Fund in November, Mr Davies pressed the Welsh Government on ensuring that Pembrokeshire receives its fair share of the funding.

Mr Davies, said, “It’s no secret that Pembrokeshire has historically been overlooked when it comes to delivering broadband services and it’s time that communities like Mynachlog-ddu are finally prioritised. This is a key area where Governments at all levels should be working together to improve Pembrokeshire’s broadband provision. We all know the importance of access to a decent broadband service – with more and more services operating online, it’s vital that people can have access to the internet to shop, bank and socialise. Therefore, I hope that the Welsh Government will allocate a fair share of funding from the Rural Broadband Fund to Pembrokeshire, so that the County can finally receive the investment it needs to catch up with other parts of Wales.”