Local AM Calls For Further Business Support

A call for further business support to be made available in Wales has been made by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies has urged the Welsh Government to plug all gaps facing businesses in the Covid-19 pandemic, following data from the Enterprise Research Centre which showed that the Welsh economy could be the hardest hit by Coronavirus, with 2,359 company dissolutions and a 28% decrease in the formation of new start-up businesses.

Mr Davies said, “Whilst the support packages that have been made are very welcome, and I’m sure it’s gratefully received by those recipients, there are still businesses which feel left behind because support is either unavailable, inaccessible or it simply just doesn’t cover the needs of those working in those sectors. Therefore, the Welsh Government must finetune its support packages to better reflect the diverse range of businesses in Wales and to ensure that support is reaching those who actually need it. I continue to receive correspondence from businesses who are slipping through the gaps in the provision available and that needs to be addressed so that businesses - whether they’re seasonal in trade, VAT registered or not, or for whatever other reason can all have a fair chance at accessing much-needed Government support.”