Local AM Calls for Action on Holiday Home Travel

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has once again called on the Welsh Government to stop people travelling to holiday hot-spots in Wales, ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend. Mr Davies asked the First Minister what more will be done to prohibit travel to second homes, following complaints from constituents over the number of second home owners travelling to Pembrokeshire, despite the clear guidance of the UK and Welsh Governments not to do so.

Mr Davies said, “As the Easter weekend fast approaches, I felt it was a good opportunity to once again quiz the First Minister on what the Welsh Government is doing to prevent people travelling to holiday homes in Wales. Sadly, I’m continuing to receive correspondence from people across the County telling me that they’re aware of second home owners arriving in Pembrokeshire. I must stress that travelling to a holiday home is not essential travel and it’s completely irresponsible to be ignoring Government advice at a time when we desperately need to limit the spread of coronavirus across the UK. Therefore, I will keep raising this issue and calling on the Welsh Government to introduce further measures if necessary, until this reckless activity stops taking place.”

He added, “For weekly updates on the work I’m doing as your local Assembly Member and for the latest guidance, you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter on my website homepage - https://www.paul-davies.org.uk/