Leader of the Opposition calls for more reassurance over possible impact of Coronavirus

During First Minister’s Questions today (March 3), Paul Davies AM/AC – the Leader of the Opposition – sought answers on how Coronavirus will be tackled in Wales, particularly in light of, as he put it, the “already stretched” primary care services.

He questioned whether Wales’ primary care sector has the resources and capacity needed to cope with any increase in demand because of Coronavirus, and questioned how the Welsh Government can better equip frontline health services for any additional pressures that may come with the introduction of new health conditions in Wales.

Mr Davies also queried staffing levels in Wales’ NHS, and how this will be managed in light of a potential large increase in demand on services, both within hospital scenarios and in social care settings.

Using the example of an outbreak of Coronavirus in a social care setting in Seattle, Mr Davies called for reassurance on preventative measures in nursing homes and social care settings here.

He said:

“Residents in social care settings are at heightened risk of serious complications from the illness because of the dual threat of age and close living conditions,” before calling on the Welsh Government to clarify what steps it is taking to better safeguard those living in social care settings from Coronavirus.

Speaking after FMQs, Mr Davies said:

“Coronavirus is an issue that transcends party boundaries as much as it does geographical borders, be they within the United Kingdom or from across the globe. As such, all parties need to work together.

“Coronavirus, and the effect it will sadly most certainly have on people in Wales, will not disappear overnight and is predicted to peak – here – in late spring and early summer. Consequently, I and my party will be looking for further detail and assurance over the coming weeks that all measures are taken to tackle this virus.”