Labour failed Powys Fadog campaigners

The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly have met with campaigners from Powys Fadog, the group behind plans to develop an international centre for martial arts in Llangollen.

Andrew RT Davies and Paul Davies met representatives who explained a shocking catalogue of failings by the Welsh Government, which led to the waste of nearly £2million of public money and saw the project never get off the ground.

Powys Fadog campaigners have uncovered documents showing discussions about dropping the organisation's plans were going on behind the scenes by the Welsh Government but they were kept in the dark.

Llangollen's River Lodge Hotel, the intended location for the centre, is currently being demolished to make way for a new health centre for the town. The site is expected to be sold to Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board for a fraction of what Labour Ministers paid for it.

Speaking after the meeting, Andrew RT Davies AM, said, "I am grateful to representatives of Powys Fadog for taking the time to meet with us to pass on their concerns about the Welsh Government's failings in project management and communication.

"This hardworking voluntary organisation, which had put considerable time and effort into developing proposals for an iconic Shaolin Temple, were shamefully kept in the dark by the Welsh Labour Government.

"It is vital that the Welsh Government learns the lessons from this fiasco to prevent campaigners for other good causes receiving such poor treatment and avoid the repeat of the waste of millions of pounds of public money."


Paul Davies AM said, "This is a shoddy way to treat hardworking campaigners who worked tirelessly to achieve the best for their local community.

"There were numerous opportunities to keep these campaigners informed about developments with their bid, but every time Powys Fadog enquired, they were met with a wall of silence.

"I am grateful to the Powys Fadog group for raising their concerns with us and urge them not to give up the fight for transparency. They deserve an unreserved apology from Labour Ministers."