“Be #scamaware” says Paul Davies & Citizens Advice Cymru.

Research by Citizens Advice Cymru has found that nearly 60% of people have been approached by a scammer in the last two years and most worryingly, of those targeted, only 44% of people spoke to anyone about it. Under the slogan “Stop, report, talk: Be #scamaware” Citizens Advice Cymru and Paul Davies AM are encouraging people to talk about their experiences and look out for others, particularly more vulnerable people during this festive period. 

More than half of all scams reported to the Citizens Advice consumer service in the last year used well-established, offline methods. These classic tactics from the scammers’ playbook include unsolicited doorstep selling, mail and cold calling, and saw people lose an average of almost £3,000. Fraudsters using these methods are known to overwhelmingly target older, more vulnerable people.

Mr Davies said, ‘It’s absolutely crucial that everyone remains vigilant and #scamaware. Please look out for friends, family or neighbours who might be at risk and consult with the Citizens Advice Bureau or report it to Trading Standards if you’re worried that someone you know is being scammed. Sadly, people targeted by a scam often keep it to themselves rather than tell anyone about it, but it’s so important that we do speak out - to raise awareness of the threat of scams locally and ensure that our community is as safe as possible.”

Rebecca Wooley, Director of Citizens Advice Cymru said, ‘Stop, report, talk: Be #scamaware’ is our message to consumers this Christmas period. We’re finding that although many people have come into contact with scammers, very few people are speaking up about this issue.

People can sometimes feel foolish or embarrassed reporting their experiences, but sadly this means perpetrators are getting away scot-free. In reality, all of us can have the bad luck of being targeted with a scam. We hope this Scams Awareness campaign will encourage people to share their stories and learn tips to stop scammers from running off with people’s money.’